What To Expect From Family Therapy

Family therapy may be necessary if a particular problem is affecting all the members of your family. Often it may be an issue that involves one member that adversely affects other members of the family. Once the problem begins to make it difficult for the family to function, then it is time for therapy. You may be wondering what you can expect once you go into family therapy. Here is your guide.

Blame Will Be Discouraged

No matter which member or members of the family may have caused the situation that forces the family into therapy, the focus will not be on assigning blame in order to solve the problem. However, your therapist will attempt to identify the issues and ask that people take responsibility for how they have contributed to a particular problem. Once the issues are identified, your therapist will require that the problem be worked on in an atmosphere of support from all members of the family.

Show Up

The duties and responsibilities that different family members have are important, but if therapy is to be effective, it is important for all family members to show up to every session until the therapy is completed. This will ensure that there is cohesiveness to the therapy. During therapy, assignments may be given that involve strengthening communication with a view of getting family members to better understand each other and to identify family strengths that can be used to solve the problem. Due to the nature of family therapy, it is easier for progress to be made when all members of the family show up to complete assignments.


Since showing up is so important to family therapy being a success, you may wonder how much time you will be asked to invest in family therapy. Most therapists will counsel the family for at least an hour. However, how many of these sessions you will actually need is highly dependent on the problem and how quickly your family moves towards resolving it. Needless to say, the more commitment you and your family show towards the therapy, the sooner it will be completed.

When your family has an issue that you cannot resolve among yourselves, it is always best to seek professional help in order to stabilize the family as soon as possible. Your therapist will act as a guide while you and your family identify issues and work towards solutions. Family therapy is often difficult to go through but usually results in a happier and healthier family once it is completed. Contact a therapist, like Barbara Saban, LCSW, for more information.