4 Benefits Of Open Adoption

Placing a child for adoption is a highly personal decision. Birth parents often make this choice when they feel they're unable to give a child the home and care a child deserves. Birth parents have the option of choosing open or closed adoptions. These two types of adoptions vary in the amount of contact that birth parents have with adopted children moving forward. Open adoptions allow birth parents to keep in touch with their children throughout their lives. Here are four benefits offered by open adoption services.

1. Birth parents can feel assured about the quality of their child's upbringing

Birth parents have the opportunity to choose adoptive parents for their child. This gives birth parents the ability to pick a family that shares similar values. However, even after selecting adoptive parents to raise a child, birth parents can still have anxiety about their child's quality of life. Open adoptions allow birth parents to see their children's well-being firsthand. Seeing your child's happiness for yourself can go a long way toward allaying your fears.

2. Children can face less anxiety

Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family. However, some adopted children can develop anxiety surrounding the adoption process as they get older. Kids may wonder why their birth parents placed them for adoption, which can lead to self-esteem issues. Open adoption allows children to ask questions that are on their minds. When kids grow up with a relationship with their birth parents, they can feel more confident and assured that they're loved and valued.

3. The adoption process can be easier

Placing a child for adoption can be an emotionally fraught process, even if you're sure that you're making the correct choice. Many birth parents face feelings of sadness and loss during the adoption process. Open adoption can ease these feelings. When birth parents know that they'll be able to keep in touch with the child they place for adoption, the grieving process can be easier. Open adoption agencies can also help birth parents by putting them in touch with counselors who can help them navigate their feelings.

4. Health outcomes can be better for children

An adoptive family can provide all the love and support that a child needs. However, some information can only be provided by a child's birth parents. Some medical conditions are genetic, which means knowing a family's medical history is very important. Open adoption makes it easy for kids to learn pertinent medical information that may affect their health in the future.

For more information on open adoption services, contact a local adoption agency.