Who Can Benefit From Telehealth Transgender Counseling Sessions?

Counseling is a wonderful tool that can help people understand themselves. During a counseling session, you can unpack your feelings and say whatever is on your mind. This can be especially important for transgender people. You can benefit from telehealth transgender counseling sessions if you relate to any of these statements:

1. You are questioning your gender identity.

Some people have always known that they are transgender. However, other people discover their gender identity gradually. Questioning your gender identity is a great way to get to know yourself better. At times, this can be a difficult and scary process. Fortunately, a transgender counselor can assist you. Counselors who work with transgender patients can provide sensitive and gender-affirming care. At the end of the therapeutic process, you may decide that you are cisgender, nonbinary, or transgender. Each of these realizations can be celebrated and affirmed as a valuable part of your identity.

2. You would like to transition.

Some people are sure about their gender identity and would like to begin the medical transition process using hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgery. Counseling can help you during your transition journey. Some doctors require a letter of referral from a mental health care professional before patients can begin hormone replacement therapy. A telehealth transgender counselor can write you a letter of referral after speaking with you. A counselor can also help you work through any feelings that arise as you travel through the transition process. This can be especially beneficial for clients who start hormone therapy, as hormones can affect your mood.

3. Privacy is a concern for you.

Gender identity can be a sensitive subject, especially for people who are still in the closet. You don't need to be ready to come out as transgender in order to see a therapist. Telehealth counselors can provide private, discreet service. You can speak to your counselor from the safety of your own home using a phone or computer. Your counselor will never divulge any sensitive information about your sessions without your consent, which can be a relief for people who worry about discrimination based on their gender.

4. You are struggling to understand a transgender loved one.

People who are not transgender themselves can also benefit from transgender counseling. If you're struggling to understand a friend, family member, or romantic partner who is transgender, counseling can help you. Expressing your feelings and questions in a safe environment can help you be more understanding of the transgender people in your life.

For more information on telehealth transgender counseling sessions, contact a professional near you.