What Happens At Your First Counseling Appointment?

Seeking counseling services is a great idea if you're struggling with issues in your life. Many people turn to counseling services for all kinds of reasons, including trauma and depression. You will have an intake appointment with your therapist when you initially start counseling. The intake occurs at the first session, and here are some things that will happen at this first visit.

The counselor reviews your history 

When you register for counseling services, the firm might ask you to complete some forms. One form is a biography, which asks you questions about your past and current mental health status. Your counselor will review these things before your meeting. The goal is to get to know where you're coming from and the issues you have before meeting with you. Therefore, you can expect your counselor to know some things about you when you meet for the first time.

They'll ask you various questions about your past

When you arrive for your visit, the counselor might begin by asking you further questions about your past. For example, what traumatic experiences did you go through? Have you ever been to counseling? The goal is to learn more about your current issues by reviewing your past.

They discuss your goals and objectives

The next thing the counselor will discuss is your goals and objectives. For example, what is the main issue you hope to address? What outcome would you like to see from the services? The therapist must know these things to help you through the issues.

The counselor creates a diagnosis and a plan to address your issues

One of the main things that happen at your first visit is the counselor diagnoses the issues. For example, do you have clinical depression or anxiety disorder? Are you suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder? Determining a diagnosis helps the counselor create a customized plan of action to help you. The counselor can help you set goals and give you homework to assist. They might also suggest meeting weekly to talk about your progress, feelings, and events of the week. As you attend your weekly sessions, you should begin finding some relief for your issues.

Start counseling services today

Are you struggling with anxiety, trauma, depression, or any other issue that you can't handle alone? If so, you can seek help from a therapist. You can contact a counseling firm to schedule an appointment with a therapist to begin addressing these issues.